7167 W Saanich Rd
Brentwood Bay BC
(diagonally across from the Royal Bank building, at the cross-walk before the round-about)

the studio is open 15 min before, after and between regularly scheduled classes

** the studio is locked while a class is in progress
& we apologize for any difficulty in catching us between classes

Email us for more info:


Phone: 250 813 3254
Please park in one of the three spots right in front of the studio, on the street or in our parking lot, directly behind our building. In consideration of the other businesses in the mall, please do not park in the spaces immediately in front of other businesses (I know it's tempting & convenient!) These spots are meant for short-term parking (30 min) 

To access our lot, go to the round-about & turn onto Verdier: it's the second entrance lot (the first entrance is behind the Thrift Shop)

To avoid parking issues, please walk if possible, save the environment & enjoy our beautiful community.

B r e a t h i n g  S P A C E   M i n d  &  BODY  STUDIO