Monica Crane: Having practiced yoga casually from childhood, she became committed when yoga contributed greatly to her recovery from a car accident, helping to heal injuries & bringing relief from chronic pain through relaxation & breathing techniques. Her initial training as a yoga teacher was in Integral Yoga tradition with Swami Ramananda in 2005. Due to her own experience with the therapeutic benefits of yoga, she has deepened her studies with Susi Aldous Hately (Yoga for Cancer Survivors),  Bernie Clark (Yin Yoga), Kit Laughlin  (Stretch Therapy),  Gentle Somatic Yoga ( James Knight) & Hanna Somatics (Martha Peterson). She loves to share what she is learning about the body/mind connection.. Monica is the co-owner/manager of Breathing Space and her greatest passion is building community.

Arlene Curry Practicing since the early 1970s. In 2003 she became an Integral yoga instructor at Swami Satchadinanda Ashram. After teaching for a short time she suffered a back injury and had to leave her practice for a time. During her recovery she was introduced to Somatics & it was during her second somatics retreat to Mexico that she experienced a self healing while working with several instructors there.  Inspired to share this knowledge, she has completed levels 1 and 2 of Gentle Somatic Yoga  with James Knight. Her passion to “Restore the Core”through Gentle Somatic Yoga  is to help others with any misalignments or injuries with this gentle but powerful yoga.

Cathy Hanan began exploring yoga in 2000 & with a background in competitive sports, the initial surrendering of the ego was a huge challenge!  She completed her teacher's training at MokSana Yoga in Victoria in 2004 & began sharing yoga with local athletes & their coaches. Her classes integrate concepts of Pilates core strengthening as well as flexibility, breath, relaxation & light heartedness. 

Chantelle Shah-Poulin’s approach on teaching yoga is similar to her life beliefs. There will always be challenges and obstacles to grow and learn from. She creates a safe space to practice in by providing clear direction and specific alignment and safety cues but keeps it playful with her sense of humour. Her classes always focus on the beauty to sychronize movement and breath.  She has received training at the  500 hour level  in many styles of yoga, is a barre instructor and manages a raw vegan restaurant (Rawthentic Eatery).

Janet Budden is a  200 hour Kripalu based Yoga Instructor, a trained Reflexologist and Massage Therapist. She enjoys working closely with her students, encouraging them in their practice so they can endeavor to improve their mobility, alleviate chronic pain and enjoy life to the fullest.
Janet’s journey to yoga has been a gradual process. Kripalu yoga is a gentle hatha (physical) practice that focuses on incorporating the breath with each posture  with non-judgement. Janet loves to teach Beginners, and all level hatha as well as Restorative Yoga (with warm stones) 

Jenny Hyndman is an Integral Yoga trained instructor with over 30 years of personal practice and teaching. She became a Gentle Somatic Yoga practitioner after realizing the therapeutic value of somatics. A traditional yoga practitioner, she began to incorporate somatic movements into her yoga classes to enhance fluidity & grace. Jenny has completed levels 1 & 2 as a Gentle Somatic Yoga instructor with James Knight in 2015 and 2017.

Kathryn Hodgson  has enjoyed practicing yoga for over 20 years and, after completing a 300-hour Hatha instructor course in India, has been teaching for over 6 years.  Kathryn is also a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with extensive knowledge of human anatomy and movement.  Kathryn's passion is to help people find freedom from pain and ease of movement so that they can enjoy their activities:  She lives and practices by the simple motto of "use it or lose it".  

Kelly Urquhart has been following the path of yoga for 15 years and is in awe of its continual lessons. Her classes are Ashtanga and Iyengar based explorations into breath and movement, body and mind.  Through asana, pranayama, and meditation, Kelly teaches that all yoga is therapy toward wellness. Her classes are open levels, with modifications offered specific to students' individual needs. She found yoga after a lifetime of dance, and has studied at the feet of amazing teachers in both North America and India. Until recently, Kelly was lead teacher at Chopra Yoga Center in Vancouver, and she taught throughout North and West Vancouver.

Linda Shore is a certified Yoga Instructor  RYT 200-hour certification as well as a BCRPA certified Yoga Fitness Instructor . She teaches Hatha, Yin, Somatic, Restorative and Yoga Nidra practices. Her Hatha classes provide a well-balanced combination of flowing poses meant to invigorate and strengthen, and include balance and flexibility training. Her Yin classes offer gentle postures that stimulate the connective tissues to encourage flexibility of the joints and recharge the body’s energetic system. Her Somatic, Restorative and Nidra classes inspire balance and renewal and nurture a state of wellness.

Lynsay Pacey: Having worked at a senior level with the two of the most innovative companies in the world (think lemons and apples), stress and borderline burnout were part of my day to day.  It was the corporate world that pushed me onto the mat and the power of the breath that kept me there.  My busy mind became peaceful and  I was able to ground myself in the present moment and swap multitasking for mindfulness.  It is these gifts that I want to share with you.  I’ll make sure you to get the most out of your time on the mat; balancing between pushing your edge and sweet surrender."  

Maree Metcalf began her yoga journey in 2001,  Maree completed her 200 hour teacher training from the Brahmanda School of Yoga. "Yoga will open you to your divine self and your connectedness; this is your direct source of wisdom, strength, courage and love." 

Marie-Andree Allison has been a certified Integral Yoga teacher since 1978. She has taught through many facilities--including the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, University of Victoria, Camosun College, Oak Bay Recreation Centre--as well as her own studio.  She has also helped in the instruction and training of several yoga teachers.  Marie-Andree served as a counsellor and then president of HYAV between 1987-2000. 
Combining her love and knowledge of Art and Yoga, she established and taught Art and Yoga camps and workshops over a period of ten years. 

Melanie Talson . Over the past 23 years I have had varying intensities of practice in various styles of yoga. Since 2013, my yoga practice has reached a new depth and breadth through a deeper commitment and an intentional consistency of practice. I finally decided I was ready to share my love of yoga with others.  Leading others through their Yoga practice is a tremendous joy and privilege which I honour with the humblest gratitude.

Michael Crane: co-owner and  #1  enthusiast for Yoga, Pilates and  Zumba!  You will see Mike manning the front desk and on the floor at the studio  and when not there, on his bike. 

Michele Archibald Originally from Edmonton, Michele has practiced various types of yoga for 15 years. A variety of styles from Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Bikram and Vinyasa. Michele completed her Yoga & Pilates teacher training at Feel Good Yoga and Pilates in 2015. 
In April 2018 she completed an Ashtanga, pranayama and meditation Immersion

Sandra Lamplugh: (ZUMBA)  I  started my fitness career with the high performance track and field athletes of the Dominican Republic. I went on to represent my country in many international events as a 400 meter hurdler. After retiring from competitive athletics,  I wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Over the years, I have taught all kind of fitness classes including   Step, Spin, Kickboxing, Yoga and Latin Aerobics and then in 2010 Zumba!  I Love teaching  ZUMBA Classes and I cannot wait to share  it with you! 

Ximena Londoño:  (ZUMBA) Born in Cali, Colombia, Ximena is passionate about Latin dances and engages with her students in a very creative way.  She taught Cardio-Latino for several years before becoming a Zumba instructor in 2011. Very engaged in the community, Ximena has organized a few Zumbathons in Victoria since she moved to BC in 2012. These fundraisers have helped collect funds for various causes including the Pull-Together Campaign, AfricaFest and Syrian refugees.Join the fitness party! Let’s exercise, dance and sing TOGETHER!

Zayda Crane:  has been practicing yoga  since she was a child and has maintained a consistant practice both at the studio and at home as part of her every day life. She is certified to teach hatha yoga with 250 hours of training at Ajna Yoga.  Zayda is also the  assistant manager of Breathing Space &  helps to keep it all together & flowing smoothly with her strong organizational skills and calm, steady demeanor. 

I N S T R U C T O R S   &    S T A F F
Our Yoga Instructors have trained in Yoga technique & philosophy 
for a minimum of 200 hours

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